P. These are more or less evergreen bulbs (sometimes listed in catalogues under amaryllis) with very showy red, pink, orange or white lily-like flowers, usually 2—4 on a single stem in spring. The rich green, strap-shaped leaves are 18 in. long. Successive pottings will give blooms over several months. Bulbs may be potted from December to March, the pots being plunged in a steady, moist bottom heat, giving the minimum of water until the flower buds have formed. Bulbs specially prepared for early flowering are available. These plants may also be grown in a living room in a sunny window. John Innes Potting Compost is an ideal growing medium. Christmas Joy is a specially handsome hybrid hippeastrum, each bulb throwing two strong stems with four flowers. If planted in pots during the first half of November, it usually blooms by Christmas and is specially recommended for indoors. A warm room with an approximate temperature of 70 degrees F. is necessary, and the pot should stand on the mantelpiece. Other reliable varieties include the white Joan of Arc, Queen’s Page a warm salmon-orange, the aptly-named Scarlet Beauty and the dark red Wyndham Hay ward.

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