Holodiscus is indigenous in temperate regions of North America and comprises eight species, of which H. discolor is the main species to be cultivated. H. discolor (syn. Spiraea discolor) is a deciduous, broad, woody-stemmed shrub, 2.5-3 m tall, with thin, arching, often reddish-brown branches, spreading, dark green, serrated leaves, 4-10 cm long, covered with white or grey-felted hair on the underside, and elegant, terminal, pendent sprays of small, creamy-white flowers with five petals and sepals and many stamens slightly protruding from the corolla. It is suitable as a specimen plant or as background foliage in a sunny spot in moist, rather sandy soil, rich in humus. To encourage flowering, remove old wood and trapped branches; prune back (hard) immediately after flowering. Propagate from seed, cuttings (under glass), and by layering.

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