Hosta- Plantain Lily, Funkia

Perennial plants with striking foliage and frequently beautiful flowers as well.


Provides a fine contrast among fine-leaved plants. These plants tolerate a fair amount of shade.


Rich, constantly damp, soil.


By division.

Hosta fortunei: Height 40 cm; pale-purple flowers from early summer onwards. The leaves are blue green, up to 15 cm long. ‘Aureomarginata’ has dark-green foliage edged with yellow; ‘Hyacinthina’ flowers most profusely. Hosta sieboldiana syn Hosta glauca: Height 50 cm; pale-lilac flowers in early to mid summer. The leaves are at least 30 cm long, a beautiful grey-blue colour. In ‘Elegans’ they are even more blue, with blisters among the veins. Hosta undulata: Height 40-60 cm; violet flowers on very long stalks in early summer to early autumn. The leaves have undulate margins; in garden strains they are usually multi-coloured.

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