How to Grow Alstroemeria – Peruvian Lily

Perennials with rhizomes. On the continent the orange shades are the most hardy; in England other colours are grown as well.


Excellent, free-flowering border plant for a sunny situation; suitable for combination with other plants. The rhizomes do not always root easily.


The Peruvian lily requires well manured, porous soil which must never be too damp, especially in winter.


Mature plants can be divided in spring; they may also be grown from seed in mid spring and early summer.

Alstroemaria aurantiaca: Height 60-120 cm, with yelloworange flowers throughout summer. Well known varieties are ‘Orange King’ with large, deep-orange flowers; ‘Concolor’, orange yellow; ‘Aurea’, yellow with pink streaks; and ‘Moerheim’s Orange’, deep orange.

Alstroemeria aurantiaca

Alstroemeria aurantiaca

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