13 deg C/55 deg F

It is only possible to keep this plant in homes with central-heating, moderate humidity, and a constant temperature. It is a vigorous climber from Brazil, and in the right conditions will exceed 3m (10ft) in height. However, as a pot plant it can be kept within bounds by cutting it back drastically after flowering. Its special merit is that it bears showy rose-pink trumpet-shaped flowers very freely, and when still quite young. The flowers are produced over a long period, from summer to autumn. Good plants can be grown in the home by training them up bamboo canes, the height allowed depending on the space available. The leaves are spear-shaped. glossy and evergreen. From summer to autumn the plants can be watered generously. After flowering, reduce the amount of water considerably. and keep only slightly moist to maintain the foliage during winter. Splendid specimens can be grown as houseplants in 18cm (7in) pots. The best time to pot them is in spring. During summer, spray the foliage with water from time to time, and protect from direct sunshine. Chills and wide temperature changes will cause the foliage to turn yellow and fall. Otherwise, dipla-denias are little trouble. This species is often labelled and listed in catalogues as Mmidevilla splendens.

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