How To Plant Bottle Gardens

How To Plant Bottle Gardens

The culture of plants in terrariums and bottle gardens is very similar. The principle of cultivation is that the high sides of the container restrict evaporation and moisture runs back to the compost to maintain humidity.

Bottles to use

The old glass chemical containers, known as carboys, were first put to use. The tall, round shape often magnified the plants for a startling effect. Unfortunately access to the plants through the narrow neck is difficult. Other suitable containers are sweet jars, glass brandy balloons, candy jars or large, clear wine bottles. It is also possible to buy jars made especially for bottle gardens.


To cope with the difficulties of planting, weeding and pruning in bottles, many people improvise tools. Household forks, razor blades and spoons can be wired on to thin bamboo canes to provide home-made equipment.


Planting, compost and plants are exactly the same as for the terrariums. If the opening is narrow, use a funnel made of paper or card to insert the compost. It should only be necessary to water once a month. If a plant appears to be growing too fast, be ruthless and remove it.

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