Howeia belmoreana (syn. Kentia belmoreana) Palmae

Kentia Palm is usually grown in corridors, conservatories and large halls. In its native habitat – the islands of the Pacific – it reaches a height of 8 m (26 ft). The stem is thickened at the base and the huge leaves, up to 2 m (6V2 ft) long, are deeply cleft all the way to the mid-rib. It differs from the similar species, H.forsteriana, which has long-stalked leaves, dotted with scales on the underside and spreading outward horizontally or drooping. Kentia Palm has ascending leaves with very short stalks and without scales on the under-surface. It hardly ever flowers when grown indoors. H. belmoreana has been cultivated in Europe since 1858 (first of all in England) and H.forsteriana since 1872 (in Belgium).

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