Hyacinthus- Hyacinth

Very well known bulbous plant with large, fragrant flower clusters.


Grouped in garden beds. But hyacinths do not last very long and should preferably be renewed every year. It is advisable to avoid the largest sized bulbs, since their flower clusters become so large that they easily collapse. To prevent this happening a piece of firm wire may be pushed through the flowers. Plant in mid autumn to a depth of 10 cm.


Light, sandy soil.


From offset bulbs.

Hyacinthus orientalis: Height to 30 cm, flowering season the spring months. Single or double flowers in red, pink, blue, violet, white, orange and yellow. Miniature hyacinths are immature bulbs, providing smaller flowers; dense plants. In the Fairy hyacinths the flower clusters are normally more numerous and smaller. ‘Borah’ is pale blue.

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