Hybrid musk rose

Tough, scented and long flowering

The hardy hybrid musk rose flowers for a long period from summer to autumn. It makes an excellent specimen shrub or, when several are planted together, a beautiful hedge with a delicious, lingering fragrance.




Buy container-grown hybrid musks from a good garden centre. Plant at any time. Water for 6 weeks after planting until they are established. Apply first feed of rose fertilizer.



Flowering starts. Spray against aphids. July-August:

Deadhead (remove dead flower-heads) and give second feed of rose fertilizer.



Spray against mildew. Buy bare-root plants from a reputable rose grower and plant immediately. Mulch (cover ground) with well-rotted garden compost.



The plants are dormant. They do not need any protection.


‘Buff Beauty’: Sprays of, scented buff-yellow blooms

Sprawling growth ‘Cornelia’: Coral and shell, pink; very fragrant. ‘Felicia’: Shell-pink clusters; long flowering. ‘Penelope’: Pale salmon pink, which fades almost to white as the plant ages. Flowers as good in autumn as summer; subtle fragrance. ‘Prosperity’: Ivory-white clus- ters with a pleasing fragrance; very resistant to cold and wind


Immediately the hybrid musk rose has finished its first flush of flowers in July, deadhead (remove dead flower-heads). Give a second feed of a good rose fertilizer according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This produces a marvellous autumn display of the second main flush of flowers.

D uring the early 1900s, an Essex parson took up the hobby of breeding roses. The resulting hybrid musk roses have become extremely popular.

Huge numbers of these fashionable roses are used to decorate urban developments and big landscaping projects, and they work just as well in the domestic garden. Most hybrid musks have pastel tints that blend superbly with similar shades.

When mature (after three years), the hybrid musk rose makes a well-shaped plant, about 1.2m high and wide. Planted in groups in shrubberies the roses give summer colour and need little attention.

Superb scent

Most hybrid musks have a fantastic scent which comes from clusters of medium-sized blooms. They are also useful as cut flowers and last a long time in water. Their petals are a valuable contribution to pot-pourri.

Ideal situation

Hedges of hybrid musks are a stunning sight. Plant the bushes about 1m apart. You do not need to provide them with any support but, in a confined space, train them against a chain-link fence. They will grow quickly to form a dense splash of summer colour.


A sunny spot, not in a continuous draught although this rose tolerates wind.


Any good garden soil that suits other roses is adequate without special care. Do not plant in soil that has grown roses during the last 3 years.


Feed soil with a rose fertilizer and a good-quality garden compost. Deadhead after summer flowering and trim to shape in spring. This rose does not need protection in cold weather.

Y m


All roses attract aphids (greenfly). Spray with aphi- cide in June and July. Mildew afflicts some varieties in the autumn. Although unsightly it does little damage. Spray with a comprehensive rose systemic fungicide at the first sign of it.

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