Hypericum are easily grown shrubs thriving in most soils, including chalk and limestone. All have yellow flowers, some have evergreen leaves, some are semi-evergreen and some are fully deciduous. Most do best in sunny or at any rate fairly light places, but Hypericum calycinum, the rose of Sharon, will grow equally well on hot, sunny banks and under trees. It is prostrate, fast spreading, has large flowers from July to September and makes excellent ground cover where there is room for its rather invasive growth. It can be cut back or sheared off a few inches above soil level in April.

Hypericum Hidcote, semi-evergreen 4 to 5 ft. high, flowering in summer and autumn, is one of the best kinds for general planting. H. forrestii is similar but deciduous and has a shorter flowering season, but can give pleasant autumn colour of leaf and bronze-red fruits. Even better in this respect is H. inodorum Elstead, with abundant small yellow flowers followed by shining orange-red fruits.

Hypericum perforatum

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