HYPOCYRTA GLABRA (clog plant, pouch flower)

15 deg C/59 deg F

The common names of this plant are derived from the appearance of the orange-red tubular flowers borne in summer. It is a comparatively recent introduction as a houseplant and has attractive glossy-green, dainty, although somewhat fleshy, evergreen foliage. The plant is of South American origin and only suitable for moderately warm conditions maintained in winter. but an occasional fall below the minimum temperature seems to do little harm.

The plant is useful for slightly shaded positions, more especially during summer. It grows well in peat-based compost, but a little extra grit can be added to ensure good drainage, and the pot must be well crocked to avoid any chance of waterlogging. Water freely in summer and sparingly in winter. Potting can be done in spring, and established plants propagated by dividing the roots. Cuttings also usually root

readily if taken after flowering. To encourage bushy, branching plants, the shoots of rooted cuttings and repotted plants can be pinched out. This will keep the plants compact and give a neat shape.

Chills and overwatering may cause yellowing and deterioration of the foliage. but otherwise the plant has very few troubles.

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