Iberis- Candytuft

Annuals and hardy perennials with an abundance of flowers in white and other colours.


Annuals in the annual border; perennials in borders and on walls. Grow in full sun.


Chalky, well-drained soil.


Annuals are sown in early spring under glass; perennials are increased from cuttings taken in summer, from seed or by division.

Iberis amara: Annual; height 20-30 cm; fragrant white flowers in early to mid summer. Garden strains may be taller or lower growing, depending on choice. Iberis sempervirens: Hardy perennial; height to 30 cm; white flowers in late spring and early summer. ‘Findel’, white, and ‘Snowflake’, also white and flowering particularly profusely, are fine strains.

Iberis umbellata: Annual. Height 15-40 cm; flowers in early to mid summer. The original flower umbels are lilac violet; there are also white, purple red, etc strains.

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