Impatiens- Balsam, Busy Lizzie

Annual plants, becoming increasingly popular.


The low-growing and profusely flowering Fi hybrids are used in large quantities as bedding plants in shady positions. The attractive giant balsam is an easy, self-sowing garden plant.


Provide rich, constantly moist, soil.


Sow from early spring onwards under glass. Prick out in good time and avoid excessive damp.

Impatiens balsamina: Height 20-60 cm; flowering season from early summer until autumn. The colours vary from white and cream to purple red, lilac, violet, blue; single or double. The very compact modern hybrids are particularly useful as bedding plants.

Impatiens glandulifera, giant balsam: Height to 2 m; pale-pink flowers in summer. The stems are pink and succulent, the grey-green leaves are oval to spear-shaped with sunken veins.

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