Impatiens walleriana

Busy Lizzie . The genus Impatiens includes some 600 species. This plant, native to the mountains of tropical Africa, is 30-50 cm (12-20 in) high and very branched. The branches are thick and fleshy with pale green leaves that are pointed-ovated with toothed margins. The lower leaves are alternate, the ones on the upper part of the stem are arranged in whorls. The flowers are usually single, growing from the axils of the leaves. They are about 4cm across and typically have a spur that is very slender and slightly curved. The colour of the flowers is usually pink, but they may also be white, red or violet. Water liberally in summer, but in winter water sparingly just to prevent them from drying out. This species does not tolerate direct sun. It is suitable not only as undergrowth to taller plants in large spaces, but also as a potted plant for room decoration. This undemanding plant may be increased from seed, or more simply by stem tip cuttings or lateral shoots that root rapidly at a temperature of 15°-20°C (59°-68°F). After they have rooted, they should be cut back to promote branching.

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