Indoor Plants For A South-facing Window

South-facing windowsills are perfect for some of the more exotic flowering house plants. Consider the flower colour as part of the room’s scheme; and bear in mind the size and shape of the plants when planning your sun-loving collection.

Exotic plants

Try a Bird of Paradise with its spectacular orange and blue crested flowers, or an Urn Plant with its pink bracts from which tiny blue flowers appear. A Bougainvillea might be persuaded to climb around the window, showing off its papery bracts of white, yellow, orange, pink, red or purple. This is your chance to try growing Orchids, but protect their buds from the sun.

Many fragrant flowers also love the sun. You could choose a mixture that would provide both flowers and fragrance through most of the year. Start the year with a Chinese Jasmine, followed by Hyacinths or Narcissus. Lilies can provide heady summer scent, as can the pure white flowers of the Stephanotis, which will take you into autumn.

Splash of coIndoor Plants For A South-facing Windowlour

Add a bright spot of colour to a neutral scheme with a windowsill of red or salmon Regal or Rose Geraniums, or a yellow Black-eyed Susan.

If you want to create a cool effect choose blue or white flowers — Morning Glory, pale blue Leadwort or white Chinese Jasmine.

You could mix plants of varying height and shape. Consider forming a U shape with tall plants at each end and small or trailing plants in the centre. Alternatively, make a triangular shape with a tall plant at one side of the window and plants descending in size towards the opposite side. If you feel a plant needs added height, stand it on a upturned pot.

A massed group of one type of plant can be very effective. Propagate from seed or take cuttings to get lots of plants.

A spring window

Welcome spring with a mass of flowering bulbs. Choose from Amaryllis, Narcissus, Hyacinth and Crocus, or plant Tulips, Grape Hyacinth or Iris.

A summer window

Morning Glory makes a wonderful summer show. Or try growing an Ornamental Orange or Lemon that bears its fragrant flowers and unripe and ripe fruit all at the same time.

An autumn window

Chrysanthemum and Begonia provide autumn colour here, or grow an Amethyst Flower.

Poinsettia, Claw Cactus and Christmas Pepper will flower for Christmas, but protect them from frosts.

Shading from the sunshading plants from the sun

Delicate plants can easily be scorched by bright, direct sunlight so it is important to filter the light they receive in some way. A leafy tree outside the window or frosted window panes may do the job. A lace, net or voile curtain will create the same effect, or a paper blind can be lowered. Even decorative fans can be used.

Plants to try

  • Silk Oak
  • Stick Yucca
  • Screw Pine
  • Purple Passion Vine Swedish Ivy
  • Cacti and succulents will love the sun. Choose from: Rosary Vine
  • Peruvian Cereus
  • Jade Plant
  • Lace Aloe
  • Bishop’s Cap Cactus Mammillaria
  • Painted Lady

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