Inula: Growing Guide

Little known perennial plants with unusually shaped deep-yellow flowers.


Suitable for borders as well as for semi-wild gardens. The plant is somewhat limp and should therefore be carefully staked.


Not too damp, chalky soil.


From seed or by division.

Inula ensifolia: Height 30-60 cm; golden-yellow flowers, 3-5 cm across, in mid to late summer. Inula magnifica: Height 150-180 cm; flowers in umbels in mid to late summer. The ray florets are golden yellow, the disc is orange. Basal leaves may grow to 1 m long. Inula onentalis syn Inula glandulosa: Height 50-70 cm; flowering season mid to late summer. Very large flower-heads, to 10 cm across, forming a large, convex disc with very slender golden-yellow ray florets. ‘Cornpacta’ has a bushy habit, up to 20 cm tall.

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