Iresine Lindenii – Iresine

Iresine, an attractive foliage plant, has an erect tidy habit of growth. The pointed heart-shaped leaves are an unusual dull red in colour with darker markings on them. It makes an excellent contrast with other plants.


Minimum winter 10 °C (50 °C)

Soil: A soil-less compost.


Where to position: In a very light position. The plant will endure direct sunlight if accompanied by good ventilation. Slightly susceptible to draughts.

Watering requirements: Keep soil moist to thumb pressure and mist-spray weekly.

General care: These plants are undemanding if correctly watered. They thrive in company with other plants but are often short lived. Cuttings root very easily and should be taken regularly to provide a succession.

Rest: It is better to strike cuttings than to retain old plants.

When it looks sick:

  • Pale, badly coloured leaves : The plant probably needs more light, but not sunlight through glass.
  • Leaves drop : Over-watering is the likely reason. Reduce water to maintain a good soil condition.
  • Leaves curl : May be under-watering; if so restore a good soil condition. If the soil is moist, look for aphids.

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