IRIS Rockery Iris

From the border perennial section you can choose one of the many Dwarf Bearded hybrids of I. pumila – amongst the bulbs there are such rock garden favourites as I. reticulata and I. danfordiae. Described below are the most popular rockery perennials.

VARIETIES: The flowering time for Rockery Irises is May and June. Flower colours and heights are variable – individual plants may differ widely from the following details: I. cristata (purple and gold flowers, height 4 in., spread 6 in.), I. Lacustris (lilac, yellow and white flowers, height 3 in., spread 6 in.), I. Innominata (gold and brown flowers, height 6 in., spread 9 in.) and I. Douglasiana (lilac and yellow flowers, height 1 ft. spread 2 ft).

SITE AND SOIL: Requires well-drained, lime-free soil – thrives in sun or light shade.

PROPAGATION: Divide rhizomes in late summer every few years

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