IXIA Corn Lily

The Corn Lily produces six-petalled stars on wiry stems in early summer. The colours are usually bright – yellow, orange, pink or red and the centre is generally dark red or brown. Its home is S. Africa and it is not really happy under our conditions. The flowers close when the sun goes in and it will die if overwintered in cold districts. The best plan is to plant in early spring and then lift the corms in summer when the foliage has died down. Store in a dry place.

VARIETIES: I. Hybrida is available as a number of named varieties such as ‘Hogarth’ (yellow) and ‘Vulcan’ (red), but is usually sold as a mixture which produces a host of 1 in. flowers in various colours. I. Viridiflora bears green blooms.

SITE AND SOIL: A light, well-drained soil in full sun is essential.

PLANT DETAILS: Planting time March. Planting depth 3 in.

Spacing: 4 in. Height 1-1.5 ft.

Flowering period: June-July.

PROPAGATION: Remove cormlets when plants are lifted in summer. Store over winter and plant in spring.

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