Ixora coccinea

Flame-of-the-woods is rarely grown as an indoor plant. It reaches a height of about 1 m (39 in) in cultivation but in the forests of its native India it grows to a height of 5 m (16 ft). Ixora is a large genus – more thay 400 species have been described. They are to be found in all tropical regions but the majority grow in Asia. When not in flower, its leathery leaves are reminiscent of some citrus plants. The most spectacular feature is the globose flower clusters, almost 10 cm (4 in) across and coloured scarlet. The 4-merous calyces of the individual flowers are small, but the corolla with an extremely narrow tube opening into four widespreading petals is a striking feature. A great advantage of this species is that flowers are produced even by small plants.

It requires plenty of diffused light but it must be sheltered from direct sun. In summer, it requires a temperature of about 18°-20°C (64°-68°F). The minimum winter temperature is 14°C (57° F). Water liberally and feed once a week during the growing season. Restrict watering in winter and for four weeks after flowering. It requires quite high humidity. The plants must be pruned to promote bushy growth. Propagate by tip cuttings. They root best in a propagator at a temperature of 25°-30°C (77°-95°F).

Furcraea selloa ‘Marginata’

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