Jasminum mesnyi (syn. primulinum) 10-13°C/50-55°F; China

In ideal conditions these can become quite rampant climbing plants that will cover the wall of the conservatory or garden room in no time at all, even when their roots are confined to pots, or similar containers. Fortunately, harsh pruning seems to cause very few problems provided it is done after plants have flowered, and only the shoots that have flowered are removed. Some of the prunings can be used for propagation purposes by using pieces a few cm in length and inserting them in a sand and peat mixture. Cuttings can be taken at any time during the spring and summer months.

Cool, light and airy conditions will suit them at all stages of growth, as plants tend to become thin and drawn when grown in high temperature. Delicate primrose-yellow flowers are produced singly among the dark green trifoliate leaves. For best results use a good loam-based soil mix kept moist. When grown in pots it is essential to provide a framework, possibly in the shape of a miniature trellis, which growth can be trained to as it develops. After flowering, plants may be placed in the garden against a sheltered wall until mid-September when nights become colder and then taken indoors to a cool, light room.

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