Kerria- Jew’s Mallow

Deciduous ornamental shrubs; because of their green twigs they remain striking even in winter.


Tolerates a fair amount of shade and may be used in semi-wild groups of plants, shrub borders etc. In very severe winters the branches may be seriously damaged by frost, but the Jew’s mallow will always put forth new shoots.


If possible porous, not too rich, soil.


From ground shoots.

Kerria japonica: Height to 3 m; isolated, double yellow flowers mid to late spring. The leaves are 5 cm in length, oval in shape, pointed and doubly serrated, somewhat downy on the reverse. The single-flowered form is officially called var simplex. This is often referred to as the common species, while the double form is then called ‘Pleniflora’. The cultivar ‘Picta’ has white-blotched leaves.

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