Kniphofia- Red-hot Poker

Perennials with bicoloured flower racemes, not entirely winter-hardy. At one time they were referred to as



Fine border plant, excellent in combination with yellow and orange; may be grown for cutting. Should be given a sunny situation and be covered with leaves or straw before the onset of winter.


Adequately moist soil, rich in humus.


By division in spring.

Kniphofia galpinii: Height 50-60 cm; scarlet flowers in late summer and early autumn.

Kniphofia hybrids: Height 60-100 cm; flowering season late summer to early autumn. ‘Alcazar’ is garnet red; ‘Express’ flowers in early summer, yellow with red; ‘Corallina’, a dwarf form, coral red; ‘Royal Standard’, scarlet when in bud, later the flowers are golden yellow; ‘The Rocket’, orange with yellow, a vigorous grower.

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