Kolkwitzia is indigenous in China. There is only one species, which flowers profusely: K. amabilis.

K. amabilis, Beauty bush, is a compact, woody-stemmed, deciduous shrub with peeling, brown bark, graceful shoots, arching in every direction, whorls of pale green, oval, pointed, slightly serrated leaves with a reddish, slightly hairy leaf stalk, and spherical clusters of bell-shaped, pink flowers, 1.5 cm long, which have a vellowish-orange blotch and later turn white; ‘Pink Cloud’ flowers profusely with large numbers of deep pink flowers. This plant requires full sunlight in any good soil, including lime-rich soil. It forms many wildshoots. This can be restricted with the use of hessian; remove dead wood ever)’ year. Propagate from soft wood cuttings (June) and from rooted ground shoots.

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