Kolkwitzia: Growing Guide

Profusely flowering deciduous shrub of graceful habit. Quite winter-hardy.


Magnificent shrub for any garden, even the smallest. Does not become unsightly after flowering has ceased, and attractive colour combinations occur.


Any standard soil will do.

Propagation May be grown from cuttings or seed in spring. Cuttings taken in summer may also root satisfactorily.

Kolkwitzia amabilis, beauty bush: Height and width to 2 m; large plumes of pinky-lilac flowers spotted with orange in late spring and early summer; the flower-stems being covered with bundles of white hairs. Leaves 3-7 cm, oval, slightly serrated and sharply pointed; leaf-stalk 2-3 cm long and downy; upper surface of the leaves dull green. The common species is beautiful enough, but for discriminating garden lovers there are a number of varieties such as ‘Rosea’, with deep-pink, and ‘Pink Cloud’ with clear-pink flowers.

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