Korean Chrysanthemums

Korean Chrysanthemums are great favourites for cutting. Built up from the hardy species Coreanum, which flourishes in Korea and Siberia, it took many years of patient work before they reached the standard demanded by their raisers.

Those who remember the introduction of the earliest varieties, such as ‘Apollo’, ‘Mars’, ‘Ceres’ and ‘Mercury’, will recall what a sensation they caused. Not only are the Koreans most attractive when growing, but placed in water the flowers last extremely well. They are not really fussy in regard to the site in which they grow, and ought never to be omitted where cut flowers are in demand.

All the recently introduced varieties are particularly good, and as the flowers have a remarkable lustre in their colouring they are ideal for brightening dark rooms, especially in dull autumn days, while they show up to great advantage under artificial light. Anyone who has seen a display of the flowers of the Koreans combined with the autumn colouring of leaves and berries will at once realise the great possibilities in this connection. The plants normally retain an upright habit, although in high and exposed places some kind of inconspicuous support will be helpful.

Korean Chrysanthemums

With the newer dwarf or cushion Koreans no support at all is necessary. Whereas the height of the ordinary Koreans varies from 2 to 3 ft or more, the cushion Koreans vary from 1 to 2. ft. In September a bed of these dwarfs resembles a Persian carpet and the scent, plus the hum of bees working among the flowers, makes them really delightful.

The following are good varieties:

Doubles, all about 2-1 ft. ‘Caliph’, ox-blood red; Immortelle’, lemon; ‘Peach Caliph’, pinkish-peach. Singles, 2-3 ft high. ‘Copper Rose’, mandarin-pink; ‘Coral Mist’, coral; ‘Coral Pink’, clear pink; ‘Cornelian’, terra-cotta; ‘Derby Day’, burnt orange; ‘Flame’, brick red; ‘Heyday’, cerise; ‘Lammas Day’, amber; ‘Oporto’, port-wine red; and `Saladin’, chinese lacquer-red.

Dwarf or cushion Koreans. ‘Little Tuk’, yellow and bronze; ‘Belinda’, orchid-pink, green centre; ‘Red Riding Hood’, terracotta; ‘Bo-Peep’, pinky-bronze; ‘Miss Lockett’, lemon-yellow; ‘Alice’, old rose; ‘Honey Pot’, honey-yellow; ‘Little Muffett’, strawberry-pink; ‘Margery Daw’, cerise-red; ‘Polly Flinders’, mandarin-red.

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