Laburnum- Golden Chain

Well known deciduous shrub, at its finest when grown as a small tree. Foliage and berries are poisonous.


Suitable for practically any garden; it may even be grown in a tub on the balcony. After being transplanted the laburnum sometimes has difficulty in starting into growth. It is advisable to remove faded flowers. Requires a sunny position.


Porous, chalky soil if possible; it must on no account be too damp.

Propagation The common species from seed; choice varieties are usually grafted on low or tall stock.

Laburnum X watereri: Height to 8 m, to 4 m across; exceptionally long flower racemes, larger than in the common species, in late spring and early summer. The cultivar ‘Vossii’, usually on offer, produces even longer flower racemes.


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