Lamium- Dead Nettle

Hardy perennials with creeping habit; the flowers are yellow or purple.


Both species are sometimes used as ground-cover, but since the growth is rather open, there is still a chance for weeds to grow. Ideal for semi-wild situations. Tolerates a great deal of shade.


Will grow rampant in any soil, provided it is not too dry.


Very easily increased by division.

Lamium galeobdolon, actually the correct name is Galeobdolon luteum, yellow dead nettle: Height 25 cm; yellow flowers in early to mid summer; the foliage remains green in winter. In the form ‘Variegatum’ the leaves are blotched with silver.

Lamium maculatum: Height to 30 cm; crimson to rose-red flowers in pseudo-ears. The evergreen leaves have a central white streak.

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