Lantana 7°C/45°F, Tropical America

Tall and woody evergreen shrubs with somewhat coarse and unattractive appearance as far as foliage goes, but more appealing once flowers appear. Individual flowers are small and tubular, but form a pleasing globular head and are available in a wide range of colours from white through bright yellow, pink, orange and bright red, over many months. Can be grown out of doors in summer, and need cool and light conditions in the home. Principal drawback is the uncanny numbers of whitefly that the plant is capable of becoming host to-these should be got under control as soon as detected. Propagate from seed sown in spring or from cuttings taken in late summer. Provide a gritty loam-based soil and good light; water freely, but keep just moist in winter and feed every two weeks once the flower buds begin to form.

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