Large And Tall Indoor Plants

The position you choose for a tall plant will depend on whether you want to show it off on its own or to group it with others.

To be fully appreciated, large plants need to be viewed from a distance so pick a position such as the end of a hall, the turn of a staircase, or the corner of a large room — anywhere where they can be seen at the end of a vista.

Large plants take up a lot of floor space, so put them out of the way of traffic lines.

Using a group

Where you have enough space, you can use a large plant in a group. Take into account the following points.

Use scale to create intLarge And Tall Indoor Plantserest by using two plants of the same type but of different sizes. If one is very much larger than the other place the smaller one on a stand.

Use the shape of one plant to contrast with that of the others. For instance, you could group an upright, spiky yucca with a graceful Umbrella Plant. In a larger group you can place your large plant at one side of the group and arrange other plants (in softer or bolder shapes) to form a triangle or a rectangle. Put some of the plants on stands to add height (upturned pots will do).

Use different colours and leaf textures to add interest, or highlight plain green foliage plants with some variegated varieties.

Choosing containers

Large containers can be very expensive, so it is worth searching junk shops and market stalls for old wash pails, large cooking pans and storage crocks.

Alternative containers: Keep your eyes open for old household items around the home that could be put to good use as large plant containers. Here are some things that you may already have:

  • A metal bucket
  • An old plastic bucket (you can decorate this by painting it and then sponging on colours to highlight your plant.
  • A wastepaper basket
  • A log basket (this makes an excellent plant holder).
  • A stone-look plastic patio tub (this can be used indoors if you keep the drainage plug in place).
  • An old fish kettle

Plants to pick

Choose the more upright plants where space is limited, and the broader, arching or bush varieties where there is plenty of room. Or make a feature of a large really unusual plant. Below is a list of plants with their height.


  • Stick Yucca 1.5m (5ft)
  • Indoor Lime 1.5m (5ft)
  • False Aralia 2m (6.5ft)
  • Canary Island or Grape Ivy, grown up a pole 2m (6.5ft)
  • Tree Ivy lm (3ft), higher with support

Arching or bushyKentia Palm

  • Kentia Palm 2.5m (8ft)
  • Tree Philodendron 1.2m (4ft)
  • Bamboo Palm 2m (6.5ft) slow growing
  • Weeping Fig 1.5m (5ft)
  • West Indian Holly 1.5m (5ft)
  • Parlour Palm 1.5m (5ft)


  • Umbrella Plant 1.2m (4ft)
  • Silk Oak 1.5 (5ft)
  • Madagascar Dragon Tree 1.5m (5ft)
  • Pony Tail Plant 1.5m (5ft)
  • European Fan Palm 1.5m (5ft)

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