Larix- Larch

Deciduous conifer which may grow to a considerable size.


Not really suitable for a small garden; preferably planted where there is adequate space and where the tree, of which the foliage is striking both in spring and in autumn, may be admired against the background of darker trees.


Will grow in quite poor soil. Propagation From seed.

Larix decidua, European larch: Height to 20 m, up to 7 m across. Develops a straight trunk and a pyramid-shaped crown. Yellow twigs in spring, yellow foliage in autumn. Larix kaempferi syn Larix leptolepis, Japanese larch: Smaller but more beautiful than the previous species. Young twigs are reddish brown in colour, and in autumn the foliage turns a magnificent yellow. The fairly rare weeping form ‘Pendula’ is grafted on tall stock.

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