Lavandula- Lavender

Small shrubs with grey-green foliage. Often included among perennials, but not entirely winter-hardy.


Beautiful edging plants , near roses, in borders and rock gardens, or in the herb garden. Full sun is essential. It is advisable to cover the plants with straw or bracken in severe frost.


Preferably chalky, especially porous, soil, which need not be very nutritious. Damp, acid soil is definitely unsuitable.


From summer cuttings.

Lavandula angustifolia ssp angustifolia syn Lavandula officinalis: Height to 60 cm; blue flowers in elongated spikes in early to mid summer. The flowers can be dried and will retain their fragrance for a long time. Beautiful garden varieties are: ‘Hidcote’, 30 cm, violet blue; ‘Rosea’, 40 cm, pale pink; ‘Munstead’, 30 cm, lilac; ‘Blue Dwarf, 25 cm, lilac.

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