This genus includes 21 species, and is extensively grown. The plants are mostly tall with erect stems branching from the base. They grow well in a mixture of 1 part sharp sand, 1 part loam, and 1 part leaf-mould.

Lemaireocereus pruinosus. Central Mexico. Grows well from seed, producing good specimens in about three years. The stems are dull green, with 5 or 6 deep ribs. Radial spines number 8 to 9; central spines 1 to 4.

Lemaireocereus marginatus. Central and S. Mexico

A beautiful and fast growing species, easily grown from seed, requiring full sunshine and warmth. Radial spines number 7, and centrals 1 or 2.

Lemaireocereus Beneckei. Central Mexico. In collections it forms an attractive column with 5 to 9 ribs, of which the growing top is a delightful sea-green, some parts of it having the appearance of being powdered. The areoles are at first white, becoming brownish, with about 5 radial spines and 1 central spine. Not an easy plant to grow on its own roots, it requires a soil rich in humus, but very porous, and must be given all the sunshine possible.

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