P. A suitable alpine or rockery plant. Give it a sunny position in well-drained, lime-free loam and sand mixed with good compost. One species, rediviva, often looks dead after flowering, but is only dormant. The large pink, stemless blooms appear in early summer. Protect in winter from excess moisture by covering with a pane of glass. This species is the State Flower of Montana, U. S. A. The roots are eaten by the Indians. Height about 5 in. Lewisias do well in crevices in a dry wall, provided there is a sufficiency of loamy soil behind. A race of hybrids raised by crossing various species is offered by a number of nurserymen. They are rather easier than most of the species, given lime-free soil, a sunny position and perfect drainage. The flowers appear in profusion on 1 ft. high branching stems in various shades of pink, salmon and red.

Seed is the best means of increase and should be sown in a warm greenhouse in spring.

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