FLOWERING SHRUB. An attractive deciduous shrub which tolerates sun or shade, windy positions, really heavy soil and is excellent for town gardens. The claret and white flowers are in no way showy but are decidedly attractive, freely produced and on long, sea-green hollow stems from July to late October on a 6 ft. high plant. The reddish-purple berries appeal to birds, especially partridges and pheasants, hence the popular names partridge berry and pheasant berry. Old, worn-out stems may be removed in late winter. The plant sometimes dies back almost to the ground after hard frosts, but new basal shoots invariably appear. Some gardeners cut back to within 9 in. of soil level in February or April, claiming that this gives a finer display of bloom. Increase by self-sown seedlings or seed sown in March in a cold frame.

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