Liatris- Blazing Star

Perennial plants with particularly firm flower-stalks.


The taller varieties are grown on a large scale for cutting. The more compact forms make excellent border plants; they should be planted in fairly large groups.


The first species will grow in dry soil, but the more popular Liatris spicata prefers rich, damp soil.


The species are grown from seed; garden varieties are increased by division.

Liatris pycnostachya: Height 90-150 cm; vivid purple flowers in mid summer to early autumn. Liatris spicata: Height 50 cm or more; flowering season late summer to early autumn. The purple-red flower spikes begin to open from the tip down – an unusual phenomenon. The popular garden form ‘Kobold’ has broader, short spikes , more purple blue in colour; it flowers a little earlier.

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