Lily Glossary

Acuminate Drawn out into a long point

Acute Sharp-pointed

Anther The upper part of a stamen bearing the pollen

Campanulate Bell-shaped

Capsule Seed vessel

Chromosome The element in the cell nucleus carrying the hereditary characters Ciliate Fringed with fine hairs at the margin Clawed Having the base of the perianth segments narrowed into the semblance of a stalk Clone A group of plants propagated only by vegetative and asexual means, e.g. by bulb division or by scales Cordate Heart-shaped Cultivar A highly selected plant that originated in or is maintained in cultivation (cv) Filament The stalk of a stamen Glabrous Devoid of hairs Glaucous Bluish-green or with a grey bloom Globose Spherical Imbricate Overlapping

Inflorescence The flower bearing part of a stem Lanceolate Broader below the middle and tapering to a tip Linear Long and narrow Monocarpic Dying after flowering Nectary furrow A furrow at the base of the perianth segments

Ovate Egg-shaped

Papillose Covered with minute projections

Pedicel Stalk of a single flower

Perianth The outer and usually conspicuous part of a flower

Petiole Stalk of a leaf

Pistil Female part of a flower comprising ovary style and stigma

Pollen The male powdery material contained in an anther

Raceme An arrangement in which the flower stalks are evenly spaced up the top of the stem Reflexed Bent backwards abruptly Scabrid Rough to the touch Scale The fleshy members making up a lily bulb Segment One of the separate parts of the perianth Stigma The organ at the tip of the style that receives the pollen Stolon A fleshy branch bearing a new plant at the end Style The stigma bearing part of the pistil Tepal A perianth segment Umbel An inflorescence in which the flower stalks arise evenly from the top of the stem Undulate Wavy

Variety A variation of a plant occurring in the wild (var.) Versatile Applied to an anther that swings freely on the filament Whorl A ring of leaves arising at the same level on the stem.

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