Linum looks gaunt and spindly as a single plant, but a large group provides an impressive sight ki summer. The 2 in. flowers are borne in clusters, fluttering in the breeze above the narrow leaves. Provided there is adequate sunshine each plant will bear a remarkable number of flowers throughout the summer, but they are for garden display only with little value as cut flowers.

VARIETIES: Wild Flax is rarely grown – L. grandiflorum provides the garden varieties. The outstanding choice is L. grandiflorum ‘Rubrum’, the Scarlet Flax. The petals are vivid red and possess a satin-like sheen. There are other colours Album’ (white), ‘Roseum’ (pink) and ‘Blue Flax’ (bright blue).

SITE AND SOIL: Any well-drained garden soil will do – thrives best in full sun.

Spacing: 6-9 in.

PLANT DETAILS: Height 9 in.-1.5 ft.

Flowering period: June-August.

PROPAGATION: Dislikes root disturbance. Sow seeds in September or April where they are to flower. Thin to required spacing.

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