A. A genus which includes several useful plants for the garden, some perennials, others annuals. A friable soil in a not too sunny plot suits them well. The annual Linum grandiflorum is very showy, and by sowing in autumn as well as spring a succession of bloom may be had throughout the summer; there are two kinds, one with deep scarlet and the other with blue flowers. Height about 15 in. Narbonnense is also very good and gives a copious supply of large bright blue flowers, beautifully veined. It grows to about 2 ft. Six Hills variety is shorter — about 18 in. — and is useful for the front of the herbaceous border. L. jlavum is soft yellow to about 1 ft., and Gemmel hybrid a rich buttercup yellow, to 15 in. All these are easily increased by seed sown in a cold frame in March.

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