Liriodendron: Growing Guide

Fairly large deciduous tree, not to be confused with the Magnolia .


With the possible exception of the very small variety Tastigiatum’, it is not very suitable for small gardens. A beautiful specimen tree, the flowers are unusual but not very conspicuous; fine autumn colouring.


Loamy soil which must be constantly moist.


From seed or runners.

Liriodendron tulipifera, tulip tree: Height to 20 m, maximum width 10 m; large, tulip-shaped yellow-green flowers with orange blotches in early to mid summer. The leaves are four-lobed, broadly incised at the tip – a shape which occurs in no other tree. In the autumn the foliage turns a magnificent shade of yellow.

The cultivar ‘Aureomarginatum’ has yellow-edged foliage and slightly less vigorous growth. Tastigiatum’ will not grow beyond 1.5 m in diameter, however tall.

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