Lobelia erinus

The lobelia is the quintessential plant for the flowery pot garden or window-box. A dwarf bedding plant usually grown as a half-hardy annual, it flowers all through the summer so long as the soil is kept moist. There are two kinds of Lobelia erinus, compact and trailing, both suitable for planting with petunias, fuchsias, and other bedding plants to make a bright summery group, though the trailing varieties are the more graceful, cascading over the rim of pot or box. There is quite a wide range of colours as well as the usual bright blue, including pale blue, crimson, violet and white. The compact ‘Mrs Clibran’ is brilliant blue with a white eye. All varieties have fresh-looking light green leaves. Lobelias can form an element in an all-colour mixture in a container, or in a simpler scheme, such as blue, green and white. Plant in early summer when the risk of frost is past.

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