Lobelia: Growing Guide

Chiefly known in its annual form, very popular as a bedding plant.


Together with other annuals in beds or in the annual border. Also useful in window-boxes, especially the trailing types.


The soil must contain humus and remain adequately damp.


Sow early, preferably in early spring, in a temperate greenhouse or frame. Seedlings are transplanted in small groups and are not hardened off until mid spring and are planted outside in late spring.

Lobelia erinus: Height 10-30 cm; will flower from about late spring until early autumn, especially if the plants are cut back after their first flowering.

Catalogues distinguish between dwarf varieties, not growing beyond 10 cm; tall forms, to 25 cm; and trailing varieties. Colours vary from blue, violet and purple to rose red, often with a paler centre.

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