Lobularia- Sweet Alyssum

This well known annual is still obstinately referred to as Alyssum, but this name should be reserved for the yellow hardy perennial to which it is related .


Sold on a large scale as bedding plants. Also attractive among tiles or paving stones on a terrace. The plants flower profusely and for a long period and appear to be in their natural setting. Plant in full sun.


Will grow in quite poor, dry soil, even in wall cracks. In rich, damp soil few flowers will be produced and the plants will grow limp.


Can be sown in situ from mid spring onwards. Must be thinned out drastically to 10-20 cm apart. The ground will soon be covered.

Lobularia maritima syn Alyssum maritimum: Height 5-10 cm; white and lilac-pink flowers from late spring to late summer.

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