Longiflorum Lily hybrids

All hybrids arising from L. longijlorum, L. formosanum, L. wallichianum, and L. neilghcrrense are included in this group.

Few crosses have been successful, or have even been tried, between the trumpet lilies of southern Asia and Japan which also belong to this group. The few successful crosses are from Japan and New Zealand, which would seem to indicate that warm weather is essential to further progress.

The white trumpet hybrids Formobel, Florosnmun, and L. x forttt0-longi are all derived from L. formosamim and L. hngtfiomm.

L. formosamim Wclwyn is a tetraploid, and Tetrabell a tetraploid longiflorum type with large, substantial flowers. Tuftcry of New Zealand reports ‘Formolensc’ hybrids – a cross between L. formosamim and L. nepalense.

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