Lunaria- Honesty, Money Flower, Satin Flower

Well known flower for drying; it has striking silvery white seed pods; a biennial.


In the garden the profusely flowering plants are very useful as a colour component. There are white and rose-red forms as well as the purple species. Beautiful when grown among shrubs; likes partial shade.


Will grow in any not too dry soil.


Sow in early summer in a damp, shady seed-bed. Prick out once and transplant to its permanent position in early autumn. The plants are very winter-hardy. Plant 40 cm apart.

Lunaria annua syn Lunaria biennis: Height to 1 m; flowering season late spring and early summer; in the species the flowers are purple. Comprehensive catalogues will contain ‘Alba’, with white flowers; ‘Purpurea’, with rose-red flowers and the fairly rare ‘Variegata’, which has white-edged foliage and rose-red flowers.

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