Lupinus- Lupin

Annual and perennial plants with striking flowers.


The annuals in beds, for soil improvement and especially for cutting. Use perennials in the border; there are many beautiful shades. In severe frost it is advisable to provide some cover. Sun to partial shade.


Damp, fairly acid soil.


Sow in mid spring, or even earlier, under glass. Perennials may also be grown from seed; garden varieties are increased by division.

Lupinus crucksbanksii: Annual; height 1-2 m; pale-blue flowers, pink outside, in early to mid summer. Lupinus hartwegii hybrids: Annual; height 50-70 cm; blue, violet, purple-red etc flowers from mid summer to mid autumn.

Lupinus polyphyllus hybrids: Perennial; height about 1 m; flowering throughout summer months. Garden varieties in innumerable shades; they include the Russell hybrids which will grow true from seed.

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