Lychnis- Campion

Perennial or biennial plants with vividly coloured flowers.


Excellent for the border, provided the colours are carefully combined.


Will grow in any not too damp soil.


From seed; garden varieties are grown from cuttings taken in mid spring, or by division.

Lychnis arkwrightii hybrids: Biennial or perennial; height 40 cm; bright-orange, rose-red or scarlet flowers in summer months.

Lychnis chalcedonica: Perennial, height to 1 m, vivid-red flowers in long-stalked clusters in summer months. Lychnis coronaria syn Coronaria tomentosa, rose campion: Biennial or perennial; height 30-60 cm; purple-red flowers in late spring and early summer; in ‘Alba’ the flowers are white. Grey foliage.

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