Lysimachia- Loosestrife

Hardy perennials with predominantly yellow flowers, frequently growing rampant and also growing wild.


A number of species make excellent border plants; one is useful as ground-cover.


The soil must be adequately damp and must contain humus.


By division in spring.

Lysimachia cletbroides: Height 60-80 cm; small white flowers in an unusual, mouse-shaped spike in summer months.

Lysimachia nummularia, creeping Jenny: Height 5 cm; isolated golden-yellow flowers in early to mid summer.

The bright-green, short-stalked leaves are circular and grow on creeping stems. Ground-cover for very damp places.

Lysimachia punctata, loosestrife: Height 80-100 cm; lemon-yellow flowers in sizeable spikes in summer months. Fairly rampant. liscanthus

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