Lysimachia punctata

This is not a connoisseur’s plant, but I am rather fond of it. In mid-summer it sends up a mass of leafy spikes 30 inches (75 cm) tall with whorls of bright yellow, starlike flowers up the top half of each one. Too brash in colour for the herbaceous border, it makes a delightful pool of yellow in a background of shade.

A hardy herbaceous perennial, this Lysimachia, which is related to our native creeping Jenny, prefers moist or even boggy soil, but I have grown it in full sun with perfect success. It is very invasive, not much more than a pretty weed, but you can pull it out in spadefuls in the autumn to keep it under control.

Plant in any soil no closer than 2 feet apart, for the roots will join up underground within a single season, and five plants will take you a long way. It looks well with the largest-leaved hosta. H. sieboldiana, but is not strictly a plant for thoughtful association. Just put it in any patch of ground where you want a cheerful filler.

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