Lythrum- Loosestrife

Hardy perennials, also growing wild. They flower proli- fically.


The hybrids especially are very attractive in the border, as well as in semi-wild gardens.


Requires damp to wet soil. A good waterside plant.


The common species from seed; garden varieties only by division in spring.

Lythrum hybrids: Height 80-150 cm; flowering season early summer to early autumn; the flowers grow in elongated racemes. ‘Augenweide’, raspberry coloured; ‘Brightness’, cherry red; ‘Mordens Pink’, rose red; ‘Robert’, salmon red; ‘The Beacon’, deep crimson. Lythrum salicaria, purple loosestrife: This is the wild species; height 100-150 cm; pale purple-pink flowers in elongated spikes, consisting of numerous pseudo-whorls. Strongly branching plants with profuse and prolonged flowering.

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